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Your best K8 match is: Nishikido Ryo!
Your best K8 match is: Nishikido Ryo!
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Congratulations! Your K8 love match is the sarcastic yet unexpectedly sweet Nishikido Ryo!

Ryo is a hard guy to pin down. At first glance he seems cool and a little mean. It's not uncommon to hear his juniors refer to him as "scary". However, once you get to know him, it starts to become obvious that Ryo's sharp tongue is nothing more than a poor cover up for the soft hearted shy person that lies inside. Yes Ryo is very shy and probably even a little insecure, so if you're his girlfriend you're probably going to find yourself taking the initiative more often if you want to actually get anywhere in this relationship. That being said, once Ryo is sure he adores you (and that you adore him back) he will more than likely shower you with affection of all kinds. Yes Ryo Mr Cool Idol is in fact a hopeless romantic at heart. And also a lot more talkative and playful than his sometimes too severe and very quiet outer appearance lets on. In fact Ryo is a big goofy dork at heart. Chances are if Ryo decides you're "the one" you're going to really know it. He'll cling to you like a lost puppy and act like a total fool around you. While Ryo can be sweet he's also busy. Very busy. Ryo loves to work and be active. He's a guy who likes living the fast and exciting life. You're going to have to be very understanding of this, or better yet, enjoy it too. Though it may be difficult to see him too often, you'll make sure every moment counts. A true match!

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